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tv   Capital Account with Lauren Lyster  RT  February 21, 2013 12:28pm-1:00pm EST

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if the revolution succeed in syria we have like egypt syria. so that we. will be the strong. it's a game of political chess and chance for now the students could only wonder what their futures will be shaped by the islamists or by their own hands you see r t amman jordan. a climate change protest brings at tens of thousands of people in the u.s. capitol but it was largely ignored by president obama that a much more music nor by the mainstream media next in tonight's breaking to say.
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we are business. problem. because no one no good school. when you feel sorry for. other local what's not going up up is a law in the local needs you want a community l.n.g. molten would be used. i don't. give just don't for a matter of artist i was fights about i must fight. i'll fight.
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fight for the right. for . a moment of evil on those things you for example for old school. i know but i've been marked as ourselves and that's evident. as i don't one of them
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try to say it's as if we've. come to agreement. every cause i want to go back with an agreement is only to government for. now because i want to kill me. on the. news troll and i don't astro. i'm giving them problems. he. does because i said if you give us the right.
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back and. the villagers go about their lives in close proximity to the militants fun fishermen contemplate the choices young men must make and faced with the challenge of being poor in the niger delta flight dad is a shame that my granddad is official now so. for. the. not sure i believe to be is not. so the fish can.
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but. i can. make it. across and. he called. people from. across the river to members of the local i'm a punk he wandered through a nearby village that is under the protection. of all these people or that would be the kind of what i was drinking. i when i went to see for this but it is so needy i see stuff from yeah i. said i felt i meant. what's national companies and why in our community i'm going to community l.n.g. mobilise. i don't give it to myself if i don't think that i.
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doubt that what. i say will fight for our own right a call last minute article last night i. need to see what. you are not fighting for self-interest if you don't all want to be self-reliant is when god i've already blessed us on and gave us all these oil and gas on all these two we are supposed to be surviving from and you'll see that some day and if it's a good not. how will you and i need to feed deputy so that is why we decided no to going to fight for water rights you see to the bone million times i was done for the new show of don't tell myself to fight for the last three years you not done it without a doubt as we start from the asphalt and i believe i would know what i learned about we are close allies well marked out up in two years' time.
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oh still more of a must see by saying something if you say anything against them in newcastle and that will save you there are so many dead bodies and honestly areas that dick keen that we have buried our own decide on this is the sole. if you had any bad news from you from you that day it's this way. to keep. a lot of with me. don't worry whoever shot the gun i'll break a skull. muster chairman. who fired the gun. it was ten ten that fired the gun. punishment is also meted out among the zero call in my pocket after one militant loses control of his weapon and i certainly fires
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two bullets across the can. not. one i think ten ten fired off two shots down. over there he could have killed somebody my. good. friend opened the chamber and gave somebody good. hide your face or i'll slap your wife was she shot and i didn't. know if we. give that man twenty give the other ten each suffering some lessons you must learn led. police.
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rumors reached the village of the execution of two one armed fisherman and the government base in nearby bonnie. they were accused of being militant and form. a video of the incident later emerges. in neighboring delta state civilians flee as helicopter gunships attack rebel camps and villages where militants were entrapped . in dispute. video surfaces of their flight. the aftermath. the military occupation and the villagers displaced from their homes. with militants in their own midst the inhabitants of the talker and grow fearful that they too may come under attack father. nothing is too afraid to do this problem that is coming five week army if you john hunt just should be no
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flying bullets across also in jesus name this well that is going either come by hey i don't i want to fight we need to protect the part i just miss in jesus name god all we ask from you. out of this report that doesn't make peace in the house fatah led to the peace in jesus and him in result. in mind i saw him. i told my people that is a problem. i saw people in this village can delegates. into jobs. you will see everybody in this village has packed the things about when the government has sent us a message that everybody should leave this place they sent it through one of our
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elders when. they were not in the. fishermen that this was. very much afraid of. when do. we don't know what will happen. however now you see i'm on the way i like. you that he sees the sadness. as the villagers depart for me john kerry they are calling my pongee going recognizance mission contemplating a possible attack on the shells liquid natural gas plant and the security forces on body island to get he's going to me that he would be content. with my life. because i want to give. it up. to my body to get it to. what it was.
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like. inside a community so to i thought this was the national is just. form one and walk down the costs and you have a life. you have to see surely. if the town needs. to keep our fights on its didn't stop its well going to do this deep blue dogs audit of all these colonies to be honest minimal. and i know her no i'm sure.
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i do better by not oh well i do wonder well i wonder not at dunbar that i don't know what her womb years there's no matter there's no regard for our girl. not there. you go there. was a load was. there not the time. to take is militant settle in for another night waiting for the situation to change equally ready to rise again and fight or quietly return to ordinary life but i've begun to wonder whether most of the guys were really here to fight for a noble cause the villagers had lost faith in them it seemed the choices that led
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them to join were borne out of social economic conditions that offered them no good education broken families and virtually no opportunities to earn an honest living and many after a long exile in the wilderness dream of returning home. anytime somebody else. if you like it's a beautiful. morning. for the free don't hold that's not the time and that is. up to the sides. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. choose your language. of holy week you would know if they still so much. choose good music consents to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that in high school life choose me access to often. well for the trip to the finish as world class athletes descend on sochi olympic venues are kept safe by high tech sensors behind the scenes congestion battling
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infrastructure digs deep hard to get thousands where they need to be it's building bluebook fueled by clean energy while research is pretty new life into gold medal dreams the race is on the flimsiest day. the central. fleet. more news today violence is once again flared up plumes these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are today please please. please please.
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please please. please . my father. was in the give or take a calls together leaders and representatives of other militant groups and rivers state delegation just returned from a budget or report to attack and the negotiations with the federal government regarding the terms of about the first amnesty in insecticides get what he did. and he sees. signs for instance where he may have for instance we told him that
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was firstly this oil belongs to us so we must be empowered it is our own oil but the houses the are real buzz and the ibos used to empower themselves meanwhile we are the ones giving the bad names and you kill us every day in the name of our own oil. if it were to fast fast the minister of defense when is that this conference is going to see if i do an interview on the second day of clinton with. the african step for. last resort and. suggestions that we did. that we did it better. we can all speak in one way any time. we can also speak. so more women. are now and. so what you came for is
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good i've heard the whole report from you have elaborated on many issues let's composer selzer properly so now is this thing that started and let's handle it well and see what the outcome will be that's my advice as the meeting adjourns it is clear that in nigeria's capital discussions are underway that may determine the fate of all the niger delta militants. i move in that if congress passes fees on google the launch luca let's close my eyes if i'm not listening for some knees. up reason. feel. that.
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i pray to him it may be that i don't want to hear and there's another problem is when i'm not and i know what answer was not by the present. trying to continue the job of business he's doing a lot on god will bless him was. a. past. oh i'm a person that's always in the hands of god when i prayed to god very while ago it would seem as if they take i do away nothing exists. but the team has permission i show his mother some video clips of him in the camp without revealing details of the life in which he is engaged. or going to she's the one
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that's being asked to do everything to make that look that says i want most what's in a bundle. i don't want us so much human touch and where it does is songs that are used to seeing clearly and. there's a song dancing and. it's not good it. was. life. is no good to end there is no good out til what. used a nice woman that used to take care of us very well i love her so much. but it's so easy. for you. i thought i had not seen him. doesn't know i'm here she thinks you know that time i answered this police station she heard about it and she heard the police station burned down and i was still
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inside when it happened. says that so since that time for a few years now i haven't seen her i mind she must think i'm dead if you tell him to come back let me see you here please. the president of nigeria mara muesli are doing makes a statement there were directly impact. well ground. to. places. for me to. know that. the militants were given a period of two months to accept the deal. i
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experienced for team but. not enough. when are you coming then. when are you planning another. why did you say. shima. his cut. and. run. did you say you know what i'm saying. for. and then i'll use a little one of a little she has come back and i like it in that he says he is praying to me that god should bless me. i think i know he says he will come back.
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in one of the reason he went to see my brother. i went to see. the militants remain in camp while their leaders negotiate the terms of their surrender. leave. you know that's. fine i called my savior most school for a friend but how can this man flu. in this news i get into this you know small slow spongy friend say in the video if in the fisty it's understand friends who seek. me to meet this is schools to be the new anything since it. is the friend.
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of mine to. write down my book that the business. of listening to that. does lack constant looking being. cut cut cut. cut cut. cut cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut i feel. the last prominence medicine's in nigeria has given up his weapons offer agreeing to an amnesty deal with the government comes all to you is a rebel led attacks on nigeria's oil industry damaging his economy and costing the
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country billions in lost revenue now the government has offered cash and jobs for thousands of finances in return for peace that will last i am ready welcoming full time court for one of nigeria's most notorious rebel commanders a t.k. tome amounting challenge of two thousand falling to is about to lay down his arms and exchange the cash in education. i last post for the cameras and then the serious business of hunting over his he just wants to get. the villagers from the talk to return to their homes damaged or brought a period of relative calm to the niger delta they wouldn't last. tom paulo boileau father go-go attacked a time and
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a host of other military bosses took the president's deal and laid down their weapons but the root causes of the conflict were never addressed there are still no good roads no good schools and no good hospitals the oil still lives there well companies get richer the west and she boil while the environment is further cleared . today the diligence need shakuri continue to caster cooks in the oily water use of the niger delta.
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wealthy british style. markets. what's really happening to the global economy. for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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a report. that. look let's cut. the speed. with. a. good. place. to. run a little.

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